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What is the difference between bonded ndfeb and sintering? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Ndfeb magnet can be divided into bonded ndfeb sintered ndfeb and two. The difference mainly in the process, the bonded NdFeB is made from NdFeB magnetic powder to join adhesives and adhesive is actually injection molding, and sintering is through the high temperature vacuum thermoforming, below small make up for everyone to introduce specific: a different 1, material, binding NdFeB bonded NdFeB, Nd2Fe14B composition, is a kind of synthesis of magnet. Bonded NdFeB magnets is consists of rapid quenching NdFeB magnetic powder and caking agent by & other; Pressure molding & throughout; Or & other Injection molding & throughout; Made of magnets. The size of the bonded magnets with high precision, can be made into shape relatively complex magnetic components, and has the characteristics of a molding, multipolar orientation. Bonded ndfeb high mechanical strength, can be in when forming a molding and other supporting components. 2, sintered ndfeb sintered, refers to the powder material into a compact body, is a traditional process. People have long used the technology to produce ceramics, powder metallurgy, refractory materials, ultra high temperature materials. In general, after molding powder, the density is obtained by sintering body is a kind of polycrystalline material, the microstructure consists of crystal, vitreous, and porosity. Sintering process directly affect the microstructure of grain size, pore size and shape and distribution of grain boundary, which affect the performance of the material. Second, use different 1, bonded NdFeB bonded NdFeB permanent magnet material is made by NdFeB magnetic powder to join adhesives. Since 1988 successfully developed the material its development is quite rapid, production has increased exponentially, it as a kind of high performance permanent magnet material, conform to the contemporary electronic product period short, small, light, thin direction development trend. 2, sintered ndfeb enlarged equipment and automation. Before the early 1970 s, China's largest sintering machine is 75 m2, in the early 80 s, our country in baosteel introduced 450 m2 large sintering machine and its supporting equipment, at the same time the introduction of sintering machine manufacturing technology. To 2007, China has successively built in baosteel, anshan iron and steel, wuhan and other places of a 180 m2 sintering machine and its supporting facilities of 72 sets. Sintering area a total of 221216 m2, sintering machine single average covers an area of 295 m2. In China since 1989 and put into production of large and medium-sized sintering process technology and equipment and automation level, realize the complete process of detection and control, and adopts automatic computer control system on production process operation, monitoring, control and production management. Three different 1, performance, bonded ndfeb, it can be a forming without secondary processing, can make all kinds of complicated shape magnets. Applications it can greatly reduce the volume and weight of the motor. 2, sintered ndfeb sintered temperature called sintering temperature, sintering temperature and temperature range between began burning temperature is called sintering temperature range, if the uncertainty in the process of sintering sintering temperature and sintering temperature range continues to heat up, the body began to deformation, softening, burnt inflation, caused by sintering.
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