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What is the Curie temperature of ndfeb magnet? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
When watching a ndfeb magnets of various performance, there will be a Curie temperature. Such as N35 ndfeb magnet Curie temperature is 310 ℃. So, what is the Curie temperature of ndfeb magnet mean? We all know that the temperature coefficient of ndfeb magnets, such as N35 working temperature is 80 ℃, the Curie temperature is 310 ℃. What is mean? N35 grade of working temperature is 80 ℃, and that is when the ndfeb magnet products in working temperature 80 ℃, will begin to demagnetization, magnetic will have losses. When the temperature is higher and higher, when the temperature reaches 310 ℃, ndfeb magnet will completely lose its magnetism. The Curie temperature of 310 ℃ is N35 brand ndfeb magnet. In simple terms of ndfeb magnet Curie temperature is its complete disappearance of magnetism.
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