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What is the commonly used magnetic survey instrument?

by:Newland     2020-04-10
The macroscopic magnetic field and magnetic materials magnetic measurement instrument. Usually divided into two categories according to the measured object. The first kind of instrument for measuring the magnetic field intensity, magnetic flux density, magnetic flux, magnetic moment characterization of magnetic field characteristics of physical quantity; The second type of instrument used for measuring permeability, intensity of magnetization, the magnetization curve and hysteresis loop, ac loss, etc. The characteristics of magnetic materials. And the magnetic technology co. , LTD. The magnet expert engineer to introduce you to the first category: the first kind of commonly used magnetic survey instruments are: fluxmeter, tesla meter ( Also known as the gauss meter) , magnetic survey instrument. ( 1) Fluxmeter is measure the magnetic flux ( The amount) A magnetic measurement instrument. For spatial magnetic field measurement and material of magnetic studies. Commonly used have magneto electric, electronic and digital integral type three types. ( 2) Tesla meter used to measure the surface magnetic field strength or the air gap magnetic field intensity, ( 3) Magnetic measuring instrument used for measuring integrated magnetic energy. All instruments should read the instructions carefully before using, according to the requirement of the specifications preheating, after preheating in accordance with the requirements of the specification. A: about rare earth permanent magnet materials next article: how to measure magnetic level?
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