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What is the appearance treatment skills ndfeb magnet?

by:Newland     2020-05-02
Ndfeb is divided into two kinds of sintered ndfeb and bonded ndfeb, every direction of bonded ndfeb magnetic, corrosion resistance. Magnet manufacturer with everybody understand the ndfeb magnet off-balance sheet processing techniques. Ndfeb magnet appearance processing skills in the following three points: 1, ndfeb magnet, oil removal: alkaline agent, emulsifying agent, and organic oil removal on the summary of corrosion resistance is very small, in addition to the oil and water after washing easy to rust, a yellow color film rust; 2, ndfeb magnet passivation: summary of the production process is different from by melting points such as stainless steel, first is the pulverizing of adhesive and sintering, intercrystalline structure, neodymium iron and boron is not dense, strong oxidizing acid passivation solution will only increase the corrosion; Alkaline passivation solution used for ferrous products ( Contains passivation of stainless steel, the effect is relatively general) , generally, alkaline passivation solution used in ndfeb first is still up temporary antirust effect, add close processing, the effect may be better, passivation of alkaline degreasing, washing, pickling, washing and passivation, washed, such as step cannot little, add close, even clean with alcohol, working hours and cost is relatively large; Phosphating processing used in ndfeb appearance, only a temporary antirust effect, the craft's mad; 3, ndfeb magnet hole sealing treatment: ndfeb hole sealing are first used in electroplating or electroless plating pretreatment, spray paint bubble also need to hole sealing after processing.
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