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What is magnetic horn speaker a trumpet? Sintered ndfeb? Bonded ndfeb? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
The scope of the advance of science and technology, the horn speaker is more and more big. From mobile phones, MP3 headsets to car audio speaker and so on are used to horn. So general speakerphone horn is sintered ndfeb magnetic or bonded ndfeb? Horn speaker is more and more big, the dosage of the personage inside course of study will be used in the horn of the magnet, called speaker magnets, referred to as 'trumpet magnetic. Ndfeb loudspeakers, normally only use sintered ndfeb. Mainly because of sintered ndfeb relative to the adhesive ndfeb has higher residual magnetism and magnetic energy product, can make the speaker has a very good sound effects. If the use of adhesive ndfeb, to trumpet the db value basic shang da is less than the design requirements. In addition if the working conditions of the horn or work environment have higher requirements. Working principle is: change the electrical current into the sound, the magnet into the magnet. Current direction changing, electromagnet due & other; Wire in the magnetic field force movement throughout the &; And also keep back and forth movement, drive the paper cone and vibrating back and forth. Stereo audio. Trumpet magnetic specifications include: & phi; 6*1,φ 6 * 1. 5,φ; 6*5,φ 6. 5 * 1. 5,φ; 6. 5 *φ 2 * 1. 5,φ; 12 * 1. 5,φ; 12. 5 * 1. 2 and so on, also including all kinds of perforated hole in ndfeb magnets. The specific need according to the speaker the required specifications.
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