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What is made of ndfeb strong magnet? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-01
Ndfeb strong magnet is how to made the magnet applied very common in our everyday life, believe that we all know that the magnet, but the classification of the magnet with a lot, especially powerful magnets, dongguan magnet below we how to introduce ndfeb strong magnet. Ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers understand it first need to will be crushed into alloy particles containing necessary materials,, these particles together forming and sintering. Then cut into required size to complete. Of course, in the actual production of high quality ndfeb strong magnet is not so simple. Not only uniform particles for 3 ~ 5 & mu; M size, but also pay attention to the uniformity of shape, but also sintered when heating method, etc. , need to spend a lot of work to create. “ Through a substantial accumulation of small technology, to reach the throughout the practical level & today; ( The technical personnel engaged in the development of neodymium magnets) 。 For example, the alloy pieces to 3 ~ 5 & mu; M & implementation after the other; Magnetic field in the molding process & throughout; Is one of them. After the process is for crushing powder ( Micro magnet) Orientation. Ndfeb manufacturers said the orientation here refers to the direction of magnetization of the micro powder is united for a fixed direction, the higher the orientation of sex, the residual magnetic flux density ( Magnetic field strength indicators) The greater the. Implement the process when powder filling into the mould first, strengthen the magnetic field orientation of micro powder, and then implement compression molding process. The soak for molding will not collapse degree of soft body compression molding. Because the pressure it will upset had a difficult time unified powder orientation. After the introduction of the above, you should know something about the production process
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