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What is ferrite y type magnet? Y magnets related question answer? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
Have magnets, ndfeb magnet manufacturers website, for you to answer the magnet, magnet, magnet procurement of choose and buy, magnet suction size, magnet application common problems, such as popular science knowledge of the magnet. The magnet problem, due to I check! What is the y magnet? Y, is one of the ferrite numerous brands, just like the N35 sintered ndfeb, is said to N35 knew ndfeb, y is the same meaning, & other; Y” Is & other; Permanent magnet & throughout; Mean that this kind of ferrite permanent magnet ferrite. Only represents the ferrite material, will not be known. So, y is permanent magnetic ferrite magnets. Y magnet magnetic force? Y is one of the high grades of ferrite magnets, like N48 ndfeb strong magnet, N50, performance is higher, so use of customers are also much less. 【 Y of the magnetic force is stronger than Y30 】 Ferrite y is much higher than Y30 price? High performance, material price nature is relatively more expensive, specific price with magnet size size. Number and associated magnet processing difficulty, need to offer, free samples, please contact us. Y demagnetization curve is? Each type of ferrite demagnetization curve is also different, view the demagnetization curve chart! What is the difference between y + and y? Y35H is high coercive force brand, y is ordinary performance. What's the difference between the Y30 and y? Magnet Y30 and y is the permanent magnetic ferrite, the demagnetization curve, simple say y are better than the magnetic Y30! Ferrite magnets y30 than y30 intrinsic coercive force. Suction are basically the same. 30 is the magnetic energy product. If two magnets are testing for magnetic energy, 30 test high remanence, the coercive force would have been a little bit lower, so their product is 30. Simple said y are better than the magnetic Y30! What are the shape y magnet? Like ndfeb, ferrite magnet can be round, square, circle, tile shape and irregular shaped. Y are mostly used in which products? Mainly used in some demand is higher, the product with high price compare the above, some speakers use y magnet is some. Articles by the manufacturer of ndfeb magnet production small original share, with purchasing wholesale ferrite magnet needs can find me oh!
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