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What is bovine stomach magnets? Bovine stomach magnets ( Picture material principle) _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
What is a cow stomach magnets? Bovine stomach magnets ( Picture material) What is a cow stomach magnets about? Haven't heard of a lot of friend can listen to? Is put the magnet in the cow stomach? Really, what is its purpose? With these questions, small make up to share with you today. What is a cow stomach magnets? Bovine stomach magnetic steel is mainly used for dairy farm, its principle is when the cow eating into materials such as iron nails, iron slag, poses a great threat to the cow's life, if you give cattle feed such products, the materials such as iron nails, iron slag to absorb, so to protect the cattle stomach function. And this product after the cows eat, without any side effects. And a cow just a product, can play the role of a lifetime. Magnet is a kind of in cattle (bovine stomach Cows) A magnet in the stomach, when effective will cattle eat forage, feed the eyewinker solid adsorption on the magnet stick, the foreign body in the network can't move in the stomach, mainly to prevent traumatic gastritis, magnet placed in rumen or mesh, and stay there in the animal's life. Bovine stomach magnets look like? Below is a picture cow stomach magnets. Bovine stomach magnets main material is what? The cow stomach magnets alnico magnets and ferrite ( Ceramic) Magnets. Principle of bovine stomach magnets used? After magnetic cage in the stomach, with rumen 嬬 move, magnetic cage will exercise in the assembly tumor and iron material & ndash; The adsorption, make its slowly dissolve, protect the rumen damaged, restore appetite for cows healthy growth. To verify the effects available cow stomach iron magnetic cage hanging out. We produce the cow magnets, ferrite and ndfeb two specifications, the hope company factory in need inquire ask price.
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