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What is a powerful magnet for? What is the difference between with magnet? 「」

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Powerful magnet ndfeb magnets, nickname permanent magnets. In China, the magnet manufacturer a dime a dozen. Many customers in the face of very confused about how to choose a powerful magnet for manufacturers, online search a lot of nouns into eyes, brand? Coercive force? Magnetic energy product? Can understand every word, together to look not to understand, not to mention one by one the comparison. Many new clients feel, nervous. We are a powerful magnet for production company. Not familiar friends may not clear, in fact, magnet material has a lot of, mainly is the permanent magnetic and soft magnetic, and we produce permanent magnets, in general, permanent magnet with magnetic normally, but not soft magnetic. The magnet is made, ndfeb ndfeb magnetic force is the strongest magnetic materials, working temperature is 80 degrees, Curie temperature of 310 degrees, is now widely used magnets. Strong magnet has a variety of brands, general data back ends in M, for example: N50M heat resistance at 100 ℃ or less commonly, data back to the end AH, for example: N35AHM heat resistance at 220 ℃ or less commonly. If you want to learn more about, welcomed the consultation. We provide the best for your professional solutions magnetic products!
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