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【 What is a powerful magnet? 】

by:Newland     2020-05-06
【 What is a powerful magnet? 】 Now the highest function of the magnet is rare earth magnets, and in the rare earth magnet ndfeb is the most powerful magnet. But in more than 200 degrees Celsius environment, samarium cobalt is one of the most powerful magnet. Magnets are as follows: magnets, should call magnetic steel, all in English, magnetic steel first divided into two categories: now, one kind is soft magnetic, one kind is hard magnetic; Soft magnetic containing silicon steel sheet and soft magnetic iron core; Hard magnetic containing aluminum nickel and cobalt, samarium cobalt, ferrite, ndfeb, meanwhile, is the most expensive samarium cobalt magnet steel, ferrite magnets, is the most cheap function is the highest ndfeb magnets, but most stable function, temperature coefficient is one of the best alnico magnets, the user can choose according to different requirements of different hard magnetic products. How to define the function of the magnet? First has the following three features parameters to verify the functionality of the magnet: magnetic energy product BH: represents the magnet in the air gap space ( Two pole magnet space) The magnetic energy density, air gap the magnetostatic energy per unit volume. Due to the product of the energy is equal to the magnet Bm and Hm, so called magnetic energy product. Remanence Br: permanent magnet magnetization to skills, and remove the external magnetic field, the retention of Br is called the magnetic induction intensity were left. Coercive force Hc: make full permanent magnet magnetization to skills reduce B to zero, the demand of the reverse magnetic field strength is called magnetic coercive force, referred to as coercive force of magnetic field: the space for the role of magnetic pole in magnetic field outside magnetic field: the appearance of a specified position permanent magnet magnetic induction intensity of magnets, magnetic steel, strong magnet, powerful magnets, ndfeb magnet, rare earth permanent magnets
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