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What is a hollow glass magnet?

by:Newland     2020-05-03
Hollow glass magnet, that is, we often say the circular, tend to be high temperature resistant ndfeb, because it is a machine commonly used specifications, electrical use 90% of the magnet are hollow cup is needed to turn. In general ring, mostly hollow, magnetic ring was just one of them, why should the circular made into hollow? This is to play to the circular often features, often TaiHua. The circular hollow mainly USES simple and easy to use, the circular hollow can better through every line interference sources, interference sources line package, ndfeb magnetic ring characteristics also are all at the same time, greatly improving the effect of the magnetic ring. Everyone knows ndfeb magnetic ring is used to hit the interference signal, in order to make the home appliances run better, and for office, no longer bother harassed by jamming signal. So as long as there is interference, everyone remember to add the circular, hollow glass magnet is also very simple to use and wear into the interference sources line can be directly, and the price is very cheap. We often see on the office computer data line, you will see there is a knot in one's place, that is the circular, the appearance is can't see it, has been on plastic injection, injection on the plastic is to protect the circular collision causes the fragile, also can prevent magnetic leakage. This is the benefits of the hollow glass of the magnet, but also its advantages, in order to make it play a better good effect, can be in the same root interference sources online, add a few more ndfeb magnetic ring, ndfeb magnetic ring to add, the more anti-interference effect is better, and give preference to large diameter, long length, inner hole small magnetic ring, so it contains ingredients, natural impedance characteristics are more strong! We are magnet manufacturer, welcome to contact order hollow cup motor ndfeb strong magnet
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