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What do you want to know about magnets by air

by:Newland     2020-04-29
The magnet can be by air? The answer is yes. Premise is the need for special degaussing, namely so-called demagnetization, magnetic actually will not disappear, but the unit packaging items together again, so that the unit packaging show external magnetic accord with standard of national air safety requirements. In order to prevent interference with aircraft instruments, especially the compass instrument, the shipper should be packed as per the following way of magnetic materials, magnetron and illuminance meter instead of instruments and equipment such as magnetic pole must be placed relative to each other. Permanent magnetic material must be equipped with a load of the armature magnetic or shield, in order to prevent the magnetic field caused Luo Panji deviation. Passive decoding degaussing plate is often referred to as foam packaging. The packing must be in accordance with the IATA rules each magnetic materials and marking correctly. Make sure before shipment from the packing surface measurement of 4. 6 m( 15英尺) The magnetic field strength is less than 0. 418 A / m( 0. 00525 gauss) Recommendations will be packed in wooden cases outside the chunk. Previous page: why magnet and can't attract ordinary aluminum piece on the next page: you know more about the use of ndfeb magnet. 。 。
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