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What call NdFeB permanent magnets, it points a few categories? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
What call NdFeB permanent magnets, it points a few categories?   Nd- Fe- B permanent magnet is so far discovered in 1982 strongest permanent magnet magnetic materials. Nd its main chemical composition ( Nd) 、Fe( Iron) 、B( B) Cell, its main phase on the crystallography for four party structure, molecular formula for the Nd2Fe14B ( Hereinafter referred to as: 2:14:1) 。 In addition to the main phase Nd2Fe14B, Nd - Fe- B permanent magnet, also contain a small amount of rich Nd phase in the rich phase B is equal to the other. The main phase and the rich Nd Nd - phase is decision Fe- B magnets, permanent magnetic characteristics of the most important two phase. Today, Nd - Fe- B permanent magnet has been widely used in computer, medical equipment, communications devices, electronic devices, magnetic machinery and other fields.   Nd- Fe- B magnets are divided into sintered and bonded two kinds big. Nd - usually Fe- B is made by the method of powder metallurgy sintered magnet dense anisotropic magnets; Nd - and usually Fe- B bonded magnet is made of chilling method microcrystalline powder, powder contains multiple Nd - each Fe- B microcrystal grain, reoccupy polymer or other adhesive stick powder into large pieces of magnets, therefore, Nd - usually Fe- B bonded magnet is very dense isotropic magnet. Often, therefore, Nd - Fe- Sintered magnets, magnetic can be far higher than that of Nd - B Fe- B bonded magnet, but Nd - Fe- There are many Nd - B bonded magnet Fe- B sintered magnets irreplaceable advantages: can be made with pressure, injection molding methods, such as small size, complicated shape, high geometric accuracy of permanent magnets, and easy to realize large-scale automated production; In addition, Nd - Fe- B bonded magnet, also facilitate arbitrary direction of magnetization, can easily make multi-polar and numerous high overall magnets, which for a Nd - Fe- B sintered magnets is usually difficult to achieve; Due to the Nd - Fe- B bonded magnet Nd2Fe14B main phase in the state of microcrystalline, therefore it also has a sintered magnets as well as good corrosion resistance.
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