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What are the USES a magnet? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
But we know there are many types of magnets, magnet is usually used in what products? Usually have what use? Below for everyone to make a brief introduction: 1. Do the compass 2. Do electromagnetic relay 4 magnet for 3. 5 do generator. Do the motor (6). Do the speaker ( The horn) Speakers can use to commonly! 7. Do heat treatment 8. Do nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) abnormal tissue can diagnose the human body, disease 9. Do the electric fan ( On the electric fan motor, we can pay attention to the careful) 10. Do magnetic therapy pillows, magnetic therapy belt 11. With the magnet iron remover can remove at the end of the flour of the iron ( This is called iron remover) 12 do magnetized water in order to prevent boiler scale 13. Role is to seed magnetization, to a certain extent, increase crop germination rate 14. Different geological s rocks tend to have different magnetic. Therefore, can according to change of the rock magnetic auxiliary judgment of geological time and changes in the earth's crust. 16. Magnetic dressing 17. Magnetic material also has been widely applied in the field of military. For example, when the common mines or mine can only be in contact with the target, thus limited. If install magnetic sensor in the mines or mine, because the tanks or vessels are made of steel and in their close ( No need to contact target) , the sensor can detect the magnetic field changes make the mines or mine explosion, increased lethality. 18. In the modern war, the air is one of the keys to win the battle of victory. But in the process of the aircraft in flight is easy to the enemy's radar detecting, thus has great risk. To avoid enemy radar monitoring, can be in the plane surface coating a layer of special magnetic material - absorbing material, it can absorb the launch of the electromagnetic wave radar, the radar electromagnetic wave is rare reflection, so the enemy radar cannot detect radar echo, can not find the plane, it is to achieve the purpose of the stealth aircraft. This is the well-known & other Stealth aircraft & throughout; 。 Stealth technology is one of the world military a hotspot in the field of scientific research. American F117 stealth fighter is an example of successful use stealth technology ( Shenzhen hundred million hero magnet co. , LTD. , specializes in special-shaped magnets and magnet production and processing of high temperature resistant) 。 19, in the United States and other Star Wars & throughout; Plan, there is a kind of new weapons & other; Electromagnetic weapons & throughout; The development of the research. Traditional artillery is the use of ammunition exploded puffs that generates the thrust will shells to accelerate quickly, launch a gun. And electromagnetic gun is put the shells on solenoid, give solenoid electricity, so produced by the solenoid magnetic field will produce enormous impetus of shells, the projectile. This is known as the electromagnetic gun. Similar and electromagnetic missiles, etc.
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