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What are the typical features of powerful magnets do epoxy coating? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
Coating common about powerful magnets is galvanized, nickel plated, epoxy resin believe there are a lot of friends don't understand, some may not be seen or heard about the coating for the first time, small make up to you in detail today, hope for your help, if you have to do epoxy resin magnet customers welcome the consultation and Q. Epoxy resin is in ndfeb magnet nickel plating and then add a layer of resin paint in the outside, electrophoresis can be divided into metal plating (epoxy resin Nickel/copper) Electrophoresis base + epoxy resin layer and substrate coated with epoxy resin directly in the magnet. Surface layer of epoxy resin magnet mainly use in where? To small make up knowledge, mainly used in relatively strict elevator, compressors, motors, etc. Focus is coming, what are the typical features of epoxy resin coating of the magnet? 1, high temperature 380 ℃. ( The magnet noe) 2, solvent resistance. 3, more color. We usually see is a black epoxy, there are other colors, but not common, such as grey, red and other colors. 4, no hanging point. 5, salt fog resistance of 72 h. 15-6, coating thickness 25um。
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