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What are the typical features of a powerful magnet?

by:Newland     2020-04-08
1, more easily under the effect of outer magnetic field to magnetic full, magnetization is no longer at the moment with the external magnetic field to add and add, and usually paramagnetic material is hard to reach the magnetic full. 2, there is a certain 'conflict' between each domain block after removing the magnetic domain in external magnetic field from the beginning arrange degaussing status back to the original disorder, so even get rid of the external magnetic field, ferromagnetic quality still save some. And paramagnetic material is removed when the external magnetic field, the magnetization immediately goes to zero. Relation between magnetic intensity and magnetic field intensity is not linear, namely the magnetic susceptibility and permeability is not constant, and the magnetic susceptibility and permeability of paramagnetic in temperature is constant. 3, there exists a critical temperature TC, when iron gas products in above TC, the ferromagnetic, ferromagnetic transition ChengShun magnet, TC is called the Curie temperature or Curie point. Near the Curie temperature, magnetic conductivity and specific heat disorders added. 4, the external magnetic field changes, the change in magnetization lags the change of the external magnetic field, the scene is called hysteresis effect. Indicate the hysteresis effect, the ferromagnetic magnetization process contains obvious irreversible process. When is removed when the external magnetic field, still save some magnetic ferromagnet, the magnetization is not zero, called the remanent magnetism, this is because of the ferromagnetic doping and other factors are the previous: powerful magnet price how many? Next article: ndfeb magnet manufacturers which good?
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