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What are the types can be used in ndfeb magnet dc motor? What is the purpose?

by:Newland     2020-05-01
Where there is electricity, there is a magnetic, at the motor industry is inseparable from the magnet motor divided into the control motor, power and signal. The control motor is divided into: brushless dc motor, stepper motor, servo motor, torque motor and switched reluctance motor; Power motor is divided into: dc motor, asynchronous motor and synchronous motor; Signal of motor can be divided into: position signal motor and speed signal. Review motor above, can use ndfeb magnets, we choose a dc motor of the following as a: then what are the types can be used in ndfeb magnet dc motor? What is the purpose? Dc motor and the kinds of names: 1. Driven by permanent magnet dc motor, 2. Permanent magnet dc servo motor, 3. Permanent magnet dc motor speed, 4. Permanent magnet dc torque motor, 5. Other permanent magnet motor, such as permanent magnet stepper motor, permanent magnet brushless dc motor, piezoelectric motor, motor hall, limited Angle motor, voice coil motor, etc. , can be used to provide ndfeb magnets used in ndfeb magnet dc motor USES: recording video recorder, camera, record player, household appliances, electronics, instruments and meters, electric toy in the miniature motor ( Use battery as power supply) Automation, remote telemetry systems, measuring speed rotating components, industrial automation, office automation, remote telemetry systems, computer peripherals, etc. These are the use of ndfeb magnet industry
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