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What are the shape of the magnet and its USES?

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Magnet for more than one, special-shaped magnet magnet, ordinary and special magnet is mainly used on special occasions, such as magnetic connector, some non standard parts, including common special-shaped magnet size magnets, T magnet head, cutting bevel magnets, semicircle magnet, concave, convex, slot type magnet magnet, etc. 2, spherical magnet spherical magnet as toys and novelty items for sale, often can produce spherical magnet popular toys on the table, such as the snake eggs, kinds of shapes can also be used to make bracelets and necklaces. Three, magnet power concentrated in the bar magnet poles, and weak in both sides, they are the shape of the most commonly used in daily life, such as refrigerator magnets and a compass. Demonstrate the bar magnet is often used in the classroom. To display, for example, you can use a bar magnet magnetic field, the method is to spread on the hidden magnets paper scrap metal. Four, a magnet height is greater than the diameter of the cylinder magnet, usually in the form of the radial magnetizing, of course, can also be axial, basically see the customer actual demand, suitable for magnetic toys, hall sensor, vibration mirror, medical equipment. Five, the horseshoe magnet horseshoe magnet is u-shaped bar magnet. U make the pole points to the same direction, so as to make the magnet stronger. Originally as a substitute for bar magnet, the universal symbol of shape has become a magnet. According to the strength of the horseshoe magnet, it can be used to pick up the size of any metal objects. Horseshoe can collect paper clips, for example, small, and the size of the industry a horseshoe magnet is used in the construction and engineering, to collect large pieces of heavy metals, horseshoe magnet is used in the bottom of the pendulum. Six, circular magnet ring magnet application is very wide, usually use in scientific experiments, such as magnetic repulsion, demonstration to the circular through a bar, when the same magnetic contact each other, they don't contact, and magnetic levitation motor, acoustic, fishing, medicine and so on, very much. Seven, sink hole magnet in the round, square, cylindrical, ring, tile shape of the magnet on the basis of a countersunk hole, cooperate with screws are used together. Eight, circular magnet can by increasing the thickness of the circular magnet to increase its appeal ( How to increase the strong magnet magnetic) , due to the wide and flat, circular magnet surface magnetic pole area is large, making it a strong and effective magnet. According to the size of the circle, the shape of a variety of purposes, such as applied to packaging bags, personal experiment, electronic products, intelligent household and so on. Nine magnetic tile, tile shape/arc shape magnets, magnet, also called arc bending magnets, commonly used in all kinds of permanent magnet dc motor, the previous: using powerful magnets need to pay attention to what issues? Next: what are the different types of magnet?
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