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What are the precautions for powerful magnets to deposit?

by:Newland     2020-03-29
1, powerful magnet to the metal objects have sensitive reaction if people close to the magnet, can according to the skin coarse, red. If this response, please do not contact with powerful magnets. Don't close to 2, powerful magnet strength magnet electronic equipment, a strong magnet close to electronic equipment will affect the electronic equipment and control circuit and effect to use. 3, a strong magnet strength magnet don't put magnets near emeritus card, floppy disk, hard disk drives, tape, debit card, TV picture tube, etc. 4, powerful magnets powerful magnet do not store in damp environment, so as to avoid the oxidation, lead to surface, physical characteristics and magnetic change. Everyone knows powerful magnet magnetic is very strong, is particularly large powerful magnets, when using very easy to hurt people. Why do powerful magnet demagnetization or demagnetization? The reason is very simple, powerful magnets are below 80 degrees of heat-resistant, as long as we put a strong magnet on the fire roast a few minutes, cooling after you put it in next to the pig, it found that he has lost its magnetic, not up. , is that the reason is because strong magnet has a magnetic because powerful magnet iron atoms arranged regularly. A: what are the classification ndfeb magnet? Next article: powerful magnet manufacturer which good?
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