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What are the main methods using ndfeb magnet?

by:Newland     2020-05-04
Its magnetic ndfeb in today's market have different characteristics, excellent magnetic is its invincible position in the market an important factor. In the practical application of it in today belongs to a kind of rare earth permanent magnet materials. High energy and great density which is its unique advantage. Using a magnet, the magnetization way has a different method for different, blindly use brute force is not a good way yo, so what's the method in the use of ndfeb magnet? Star and magnetic industry will answer for you. 1, pull open the method in the process of using the magnetization of the thickness of the magnet cannot be directly opens the way, because it is itself a major characteristic is harder and more brittle than when using relatively fragile things cannot directly forcibly pull open, if the steak is not good, or too hard will lead to a magnet. Once broken, can't use, may also be injured. Magnetization magnet thickness of 2, opened the method to use the open method, these magnetic is too strong, it will be very easy to hand, we should as far as possible put it away, in the open when there is a method, in the process of open to pay attention to use parallel force them away, that it doesn't caught hand, or due to push the bad damage occurs. In general size larger magnet manufacturer to deal with, it is best to require magnet will typically use environmental protection paper to separate the magnet, this is done to avoid in the process of using both a waste of time, a waste of energy, but also easy to hurt, so should pay attention to when using the magnet according to the regulation methods pushed it away. 3, placement method if it is matching the magnetization of ndfeb magnets, so must be placed in pairs, be careful when you place a little. Don't lose its magnetism, once lost magnetic so it cannot be applied again, this time is to be replaced. 4, to avoid collision in use process should pay attention to the material of it is relatively easy to brittle, so to be very careful in the process of using it, be sure to avoid collision happens, once accidentally fell to the ground and it is easy to break, or blister, so it will not be able to use again. So in the use of different intensity of magnetization and magnetic magnet when must pay attention to the usage of it, although it is a powerful magnet, but also is very fragile, so be careful is better
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