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What are the factors influence in the second half of the ndfeb permanent magnet material price?

by:Newland     2020-05-01
1-2017 In June the main ndfeb permanent magnet material price to rise between 9% and 35%, neodymium praseodymium oxide or 26% or so, at the bottom of the rare earth price rebound. Subject to supply ndfeb permanent magnet materials and the contradiction between supply and demand, excess capacity cause ndfeb permanent magnet material price since 11 years main products depth correction by about 80%, at the bottom. Dozen black high voltage, current traceability, the high frequency normalized storage, improve policy implementation effect, urged the supply end contraction. Good ndfeb permanent magnet materials industry long-term orderly development, ndfeb permanent magnet material price will gradually recover. Nodes in the present time, the policy enforcement is the core element of the drive of nd-fe-b materials prices. Magnets enterprise capacity utilization high, praseodymium neodymium rare earth demand. The automotive electronic, industrial intelligent pull function on the magnets, magnets in the first half of 2017 enterprises to maintain 70 - 85% of the capacity utilization, effective pull of rare earth elements demand, support prices steady. At the same time, demand imbalance brings 17 elements prices show a certain degree of differentiation state. And the cost of mining, separation is relatively fixed, at the same time, the six group internal integration of long and complicated process, to a certain extent restrict rare earth enterprise profit improvement. Due to the particularity of the rare earth itself, and integrated the complexity of the large groups, rare earth pricing power as well as the surface of supply and demand to improve the process of long and difficult. In the second half of 2017 investment strategy: nd-fe-b materials prices still have upside, grasp the expected price scissors with certainty investment opportunities.
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