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What are the factors in affecting the manufacturer ndfeb magnet price?

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Shenzhen star and found many of ndfeb manufacturers operating in more than a decade of customers will often replace strong ndfeb magnet with ferrite magnet, compared the two materials, the volume of ferrite magnet is six times that of strong ndfeb magnets, but weak magnetic equivalent volume of ferrite magnetic only one over ten of the powerful magnets. Ndfeb manufacturers of ndfeb magnet as a mature industrial products has been around for a long time in the market, since 1982, has had more widely used in many fields, because of the contrast in the same volume of similar products, have higher magnetic effect, because the parts are widely used in more detail. And according to the market to adjust the economy, strong ndfeb magnet prices remained in a relatively stable, the price of the manufacturer of ndfeb long time relative price fluctuations is not very big, then what's the reason that led to this result? Is the quality! Quality of ndfeb manufacturers maintain one kind of product is capable of producing, selling, the root cause of this is common in ndfeb magnet. Ndfeb magnets in the development of the price of success is very high, is the endogenous production in the market is still small, at a time when many after the demand to raise prices to get this kind of magnetic material, but with the expansion of the production, the increase of production, the production and demand in the market is relatively stable, the factors which can affect the price of the most important is the quality. On the other hand, it is not much equipment of ndfeb magnet material quality is to achieve high, some consumables for powerful magnet quality requirement is very low, has led to a powerful magnets have different prices, different quality and phenomena in the different markets. Although ndfeb manufacturers production increased, but the mass of the magnet manufacturer provides powerful magnets are not consistent, whether it is because of the difference of production equipment, or because of technical problems of production workers, have led to the different quality of ndfeb magnet into the market, will inevitably produce contrast, good nature is in short supply, due to the cost problem, also will be slightly higher in price.
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