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What are the factors affect the price of the magnet?

by:Newland     2020-04-08
1. The increase of the raw materials, that is to say, the magnet on the performance requirements of magnets is higher, the cost will be high, such as NdFeB magnets, N45 prices are far higher than the price of the N35. 2, the more complex processing cost, manufacturing cost is higher; Tolerance is higher, the higher the processing cost; Volume is smaller, the higher the processing cost. In recent years, the price of the magnet raw material is higher and higher. One reason is that national policy failed to keep pace with the development of market demand, make the development of the market out of balance, thereby allowing speculators to speculation. In order to adjust the magnets market, countries put forward the new policy of 'national 22'. Local government responded positively and implement. Therefore, the new policy support magnet prices to maintain. Second, new energy, energy saving market and launch of new fuel-efficient vehicles. The invention of new energy vehicles and introduced to the automobile industry has brought the huge impact. Therefore, technological innovation and to a great extent, affects the magnet market. A: powerful magnet demagnetization method next article: what are the differences between the circular and magnet
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