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What are the factors affect magnetic ndfeb magnet?

by:Newland     2020-05-04
1, ndfeb magnet temperature, because the working temperature of sintered ndfeb magnet is extremely sensitive, the highest temperature environment of the instant and continuous maximum temperature are may produce different degrees of magnet demagnetization, including the reversible and irreversible, recoverable and irreversible 2, the existence of the alternating magnetic field of ndfeb magnet, understands the magnet knows, magnet N, S pole or multipolar. If in the use of ndfeb magnet surrounded by additional magnetic field effect, magnetic will offset part of the magnet. This is what people call in the use of temperature within the scope of demagnetization. 3, ndfeb magnet mechanical shock, with assembly associated to a certain extent, the magnet friction to the product in the assembly process, because of ndfeb magnet material feature is fragile, cause body wear, size smaller. Thus magnets will slowly weaken.
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