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What are the considerations for using powerful magnets?

by:Newland     2020-03-29
What are the considerations for using powerful magnets? A deposit, magnets position can not be close to the fire, so as to avoid magnetic premature weakened. Itself is fragile magnets, powerful magnets have to be careful when using, can not easily fall to the ground, not long-distance adsorption in the iron on the product, according to collision and broken easily. Third, after use, such as bar magnet, wafer magnets, must be placed in pairs, and the N pole of A magnet and magnet B S extremely tight, cannot produce bigger impact force in order to avoid release Angle. Making powerful magnets need to use the material must have high long broad hysteresis loop, because of this, when the external magnetic field is zero, can still have relatively strong magnetization; If you want to change the magnetization into zero, will be expected to exert strong external magnetic field on an article: what are the different types of magnet? Next article: how to increase the strong magnet magnetic?
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