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What are the classification of ndfeb magnet?

by:Newland     2020-04-09
Is the latest achievements in the development of rare earth permanent magnet ndfeb magnet, because of its good magnetic known as the 'king of the magnet. Ndfeb magnet is an alloy of such as iron oxide, ferric oxide. Also called magnetic steel. Ndfeb material contains a lot of neodymium iron, easy to rust. So you must to surface coating ndfeb magnets. Surface chemical passivation is currently one of the best solution. Boron iron has a very high magnetic energy product and magnetic force, high energy density with is widely used in modern industry and electronic technology, the advantages of the instrument of miniaturization, light weight, thin, electroacoustic motor, magnetic separation and magnetization become possible. Ndfeb magnet has advantages of high cost performance, good mechanical properties, the disadvantage is low Curie temperature, low temperature properties and corrosion, easy pulverization, easy. Must through the adjust its chemical composition and surface treatment methods to improve its performance, in order to meet the requirements of practical application. Chemical composition: iron boron permanent magnetic material is based on the intermetallic compound RE2Fe14B permanent magnetic material. The main ingredients for rare earth, iron, boron. In order to obtain different performance, use cobalt ( Co) , aluminum ( Al) And other rare earth metal replacement, also can use cobalt ( Co) , aluminum ( Al) For iron and other metal parts, but in the form of four square crystal structure of intermetallic compounds play an important role, and the compounds with high saturation magnetization and high uniaxial anisotropy and high Curie temperature. Classification: iron boron can be divided into two types of sintered iron and boron binder of boron and iron, in all directions have magnetic properties and corrosion resistance, sintered iron boron is easy to corrosion, surface requires the use of zinc, nickel, zinc, nickel, nickel - environmental protection. Environmental protection Copper - Nickel, environmentally friendly nickel - Copper - Nickel coating etc. According to the need of working face of sintered ndfeb magnet generally divided into axial and radial magnetization magnetization. A: why do you say the electromagnet manufacturer in the industry leading. Next: what are the precautions for powerful magnets to deposit?
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