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What are the advantages of ferrite? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
Ferrite is our daily survival against a common one of magnetic materials, ferrite using ordinary, equal dosage is extremely large, why all preferences with ferrite magnet? Because it does not rust, no oxidation, no erosion and absolute environmental protection. Why ferrite magnets will not rust? Ferrite magnets chemical title for ferroferric oxide key ingredients are: Fe3O4. Still is iron oxide, so want to be oxidized, it is very trouble. While the rest of the magnet ( The key element is iron) , it is made of magnetic metal iron, or other none to, it is the same with the rest of the iron and steel, might as well be to oxidize, by oxidation of magnetic lift. Choose the advantage of the ferrite magnets: 1. Low capital, low value. The original raw material capital is very cheap. 2. Good temperature stability it might as well - Use 40 c and + 350 degrees Celsius temperature. 3. Just mentioned is not rust.
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