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What about the production flow for pulley magnet in Newland?
The production of pulley magnet in Newland Magnet Industry Co., Ltd. is a combination of technology and experience. An efficient production flow is a prerequisite for cost-effective manufacturing and is thereby decisive for a manufacturing company's profitability. In our company, there is good communication between production manager, planners and operators. Transition from short-series manufacturing to production of larger volume can be achieved.

Newland is a skilled and large scale oil filter magnet manufacturer. Newland has created a number of successful series, and magnetic assemblies is one of them. In addition to 100% functional testing, Newland cleanup magnet undergoes a wide range of specialized tests and long-term evaluation for the high luminous efficiency. It's widely applied in magnetic resonance imaging, wind power, telecommunication, and medical. our company has passed ISO9001 quality certification and established a perfect quality assurance system and after-sales service system. This product is mainly exported to Europe and the United State.

As a growing company, our company will now pay more attention to developing customer satisfaction. Welcome to visit our factory!
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