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What about design of alnico magnet by Newland?
With the help of our excellent design team, the product from Newland Magnet Industry Co., Ltd. is famous for its excellent design capability. Expect paying attention to the quality of alnico magnet , we also stress the importance of its appearance. Each product is made with its distinctive style.

Largely focused on ferrite magnets china, Newland has made amazing progress over the years. Newland has created a number of successful series, and magnetic assemblies is one of them. Because of the high levels of heat produced by Newland alnico magnet , the aluminum PCB board that contains a thin layer of dielectric that allows quicker heat dissipation is attached to printed boards. The product is used in magnetic bearings and couplings. The product captures a large market share with stable performance. Made of good magnetic materials, it has a strong magnetic force.

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