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We should how to distinguish the plating quality

by:Newland     2020-04-11
The quality of the surface coating, different manufacturers surface coating is different, one of the most critical factor is how much, fillet and electroplating time under don't know the status of the powerful magnet surface finishes, we as buyers should how to distinguish the merits of the magnet surface coating quality? Powerful magnet manufacturer to inform you that, in fact, there is a very simple and convenient method is to see coating, the coating on the surface of the brighter the said coating quality is better, so choose to buy a powerful magnet, as far as possible choose magnet industry more famous companies to guarantee the quality of plating coating. Magnetic technology co. , LTD has its own electroplating line, all electroplating time is there are strict requirements and standards of the provisions of the time, quality, obtained the customer consistent high praise, in the magnetic field is also belongs to the star enterprise, magnetic technology co. , LTD. Is committed to become a magnet magnetic materials industry benchmarking enterprises in our country, choose a magnet, though not the only option, but it is the most correct choice. A: strong ndfeb magnetic characteristics under a production: what are the elements of strong magnetic magnet is affected
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