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Want to know why the magnet iron absorption phenomenon

by:Newland     2020-04-28
Like a magnet magnetic is one of the fundamental characteristics of the material, all matter is magnetic medium. Is divided into three kinds: paramagnetic material, this material under the effect of magnetic field and magnetic field outside the same additional magnetic field, most of the material to such, diamagnetic substance, the substance occurred while under the effects of magnetic field and magnetic field instead of additional magnetic field, such as copper and inert gas and so on. Ferromagnetic material, the material under the effect of magnetic field and magnetic field outside the same intense of the additional magnetic field, for example, iron cobalt, nickel, etc. According to the amp first suggested hypothesis, exist in the paramagnetic properties of molecular molecular current with magnetic moment must be permanent. When there is no external magnetic field, due to the thermal motion of molecules, these molecules current orientation is irregular, so they appear the magnetic field of the uniform is equal to zero, foreign appeared not magnetic. When the presence of external magnetic field, these molecular current field orientation effect, they turned to the direction of the external magnetic field, magnetic moment in additional magnetic field along the external magnetic field direction. This is why paramagnetic qualitative magnetization. Of diamagnetic molecules, without external magnetic field, the intramolecular structure makes their molecular electric current is equal to zero. When the external magnetic field was introduced as a closed circle wires to occur when introducing magnetic field induced current in the same. The diamagnetic molecules, also occur in the induced current. Because there is no resistance in molecules, and the same in the superconductor, once in the current permanent circulation, until when the external magnetic field from the old cause reverse induced current offset stop with it. All out under the effect of magnetic field, magnetic medium to induction molecular electric current, namely diamagnetism is substances that are Shared by all, but in the paramagnetic properties of molecules, molecular magnetic moment of current are much larger than ascend moments of the induced current, material diamagnetism is covered up, only present paramagnetism. Previous page: use a magnet to attract to judge good or bad is not scientific page: using standard and requirements of ndfeb magnet
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