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Want to know how the magnet is processed

by:Newland     2020-04-27
Cylindrical: 2 mm to 100 mm in diameter, thickness in 0. Above 5 mm can be processed, circular magnet processing and brief, but once forming, when doing the order so much choose circular magnet, the magnet is the greatest strength of processing speed, short delivery time. Rectangular magnets, rectangular magnets processing up slowly, because it cut six sides demand, a product processing three successful talent demand, more than circular magnet two working procedure, so the square magnet processing speed slow, long delivery time. Perforated products: before the product did not cut processing, a rule on the blank material scale hole and then in the process. To process must be punched square to processing, and then cut, the clutter. Perforated products cited is very extensive in the mall. Together we also batch processing and some special parts, such as trapezoid, intrusive holes, intrusive top magnet. Black piece of inspection is on slicing workshop processing of semi-finished products appearance and dimension inspection qualified, generally no special requirements of wafer thickness public servants in the plus or minus 0. 5 mm, square side length of the public servants in 0. 07mm。 Cooking is to put the product each other 502 magnets adhesive glue it with hot water to a boil, remove after the glue for receiving and polishing. Polishing ( Also called chamfering) Is a worker arranges before plating, grinding products surrounding Angle according to the customers' requirements to the must into degrees, make its appearance more lubrication, to progress the appearance of the product quality. Back: measure the details do you have any understanding of magnetic page: what should you know ndfeb magnet safety operation. 。 。
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