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Various types of pumps can be adapted for magnetic drive pumps

by:Newland     2020-04-28
Centrifugal pump is the main products of magnetic pump. Magnetic drive rotary displacement pump has a history of 25 years, nearly 78 in the aspect of design and manufacturing level and high torque capacity is the basis of widely. With a focus on the magnetic transmission gear pump and screw pump, the maximum transmission torque of 400 nm, rotating speed of 3500 r/min under the power of 150 kw. Is located in the gas power plant in the border state of Utah, turbine compressor lubrication pump is conventional external gear pump. Oil pump for high pressure difference on average every two months and excessive wear and scrap, cause the compressor shut down. 1992 switch magnetic rare earth neodymium magnet powerful magnet drive three screw pump, continuous operation, without any maintenance. British Tuthill has been successfully used in the magnetic drive pump for pumping water system in the process of the Scottish company additives, the pump replaced the screw pump, conform to the hygiene safety regulations.
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