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utilizing the adaptive polyoxometalate [aswo (ho)] to support a polynuclear lanthanoid-based single-molecule magnet

by:Newland     2019-09-03
Five members of a new family of multi-metal oxygen salts (POM)-
The connected duo rare earth metal complexes were synthesized and characterized.
These compounds have a general formula (HDABCO)8H5Li 8[Ln4As5W40O144(H 2O)10(gly)2]•25H2O [Ln = Gd (1), Tb (2), Dy (3), Ho (4)and Y = (5)
, HDABCO = 1-4-of single-Prime-
Diazabicycloocane, ammonium amino acetic acid =]
And synthesized by a pre-fabricated POM precursor [As2W19O67(H2O)]14-.
Structure by two {As2W 19O68}
Constructed blocks connected by a unit containing four rare earth ions and two additional tungsten centers, these two soybean ligand play a key bridging role.
There are different rare earth ions on two crystals in each complex, both of which have an approximate square inverse prism coordination geometry of axial compression. The variable-
2-temperature magnetic sensitivity curve
4 The Population/population reduction at the MJ sub-level of the relevant ground terms is dominated, and the fitting of the data provides the ligand field parameters in each case, thus calculating the energy of the MJ sub-energy level.
The alternating magnetic data shows that the slow magnetic relaxation of 3 starts and the energy barrier of the magnetic reversal is determined to be 3. 9(1)K.
As for other rare earth complexes showing slow magnetic relaxation, this energy barrier is due to the division of the m j sub-energy level of the Dy3 ion, the ground sub-energy level has a relatively large | MJ | value, thus providing Ising-
Type of magnetic asymmetry.
So this complex is the first POM-
Multi-core rare earth elements supported-based SMM.
Simulation of W-
The belt EPR spectrum of 1 provides spin Hamilton parameters for this species, while X-
The EPR spectrum of 3 indicates that there is a non-
The fourth one that can be ignored
The ordered transverse component of the opposite sex is responsible for the observed small effective energy barrier of 3 and the slow magnetic relaxation of 4.
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