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Use the tip ndfeb magnet

by:Newland     2020-04-18
Particularly strong magnetic ndfeb magnet, should be the first to prevent the hands or other parts of the body by the magnet clips, on large scale of strong magnetic demand increasingly pay attention to safety. Not strong magnet will close to electronic medical apparatus and instruments or patients with pacemaker devices such as. Not a powerful magnet will swallow. If not be careful to swallow, should immediately medical care. Should be strong magnet in the local children can't touch. Magnets in use should be as far as possible to ensure a clean environment, prevent tiny impurity adsorption in magnet appearance influences such as iron filings are used. Magnetic dust into the eyes, will form the damage, must be careful. Ndfeb magnet should be stored in ventilated dry environment, acid, alkali, organic solvents, salt water, high temperature and wet environment simple magnet oxidation, plating will drop, the magnet will pulverization demagnetization. Magnets in the high temperature after heating, magnetic function will decay. Please refer to the guidance of heat-resistant magnets corresponding function, pay attention to the magnet assembly or by using high temperature don't regulate working temperature. Ndfeb magnet brittle, so in for special occasions such as vibration, impact, there will be a craze, may fall. Be sure to pay attention to knock against in use. Previous page: what should you know ndfeb magnet safety operation. 。 。 The next page: how can distinguish between magnetic field and identify the magnetic pole. 。 。
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