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Use the ndfeb magnet ( Powerful magnet) Information _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
Ndfeb magnet temperature function is not strong, at high temperatures using magnetic chuck is larger, the highest working temperature is low, usually for 80 degrees Celsius, especially data through especially after processing, the highest working temperature is 180 degrees, ndfeb magnet hard, brittle, strong magnetic field, only to put light, or encounter any rigid object is simple is broken, use the time to do, be careful not to hurt the hand away from the phone, to absorb (don't use the phone. How accounting briefly shape magnet suction? Bg by Biot - Savart formula calculation was called the magnetic flux density of ferromagnetic material appearance, the gravity of the unit for KGs. Ag for polar surface area of the permanent magnet, the unit for cm2; F for the action of gravity, the unit is g ( G) 。 In fact, the flux of permanent magnet in the distribution of ferromagnetic material appearance is often not uniform, and exist on the Bg and Ag accounting errors, more precise accounting need to rely on accounting machine with finite element numerical method. If it be attract ferromagnetic material for large enough tablet, and permanent magnets and attract ferromagnetic material interval, is to make a better approximate calculation. When permanent magnet directly in a large enough ferromagnetic material appearance, according to the Biot - Savart formula will not be able to measure to be permanent magnet spacing of ferromagnetic material appearance. At the moment of the permanent magnet for gravity can press type calculation: Br for remanent magnetism of permanent magnet, lm to the height of the permanent magnet, symbolic meaning and the units and other type. Ndfeb magnet material is made of neodymium, iron, boron and other elements in damaged mixed sintering and forming of powder metallurgy, has the characteristics of brittle and hard material itself, and the magnetic force is very strong. If encounter with lron magnet and Russia but sensitive material adsorption may be abrupt knock against two magnets together is easy broken, in the process of use must be carefully, reduce scrap, and avoid the task of hand.
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