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unusual life hacks of super strong neodymium magnet

by:Newland     2019-10-01
The Nd magnet is very strong and has a wide range of shapes and sizes.
Last week, I showed in my instructions how I could salvage some of them from an old DVD --ROM drive.
We see two of these magnets for each drive.
This week I will share some of the great life tips I think are incredibly incredible and you can use them to simplify your life.
If anyone has other cool hacks, make sure to share them in the comments section.
If you have less time, you can watch this video and also make sure you subscribe to a channel without a free magnet, don\'t worry that you can buy the link 2 $ clip or paper weight from this channel is usually used to stick the paper together, but sometimes it will be busy to carry them. This is a hacker that can help you to hold the paper easily.
This is a magnetic paper clip that can help you hold your paper clip. My keychain is often lost.
So when I walked into the room, I decided to shoot it on the stand.
I made a keychain holder for my keychain with magnet and small double sided tape.
Take it to the next level and this hacker can also work with all your hand tools to test it with a screwdriver, pliers, or even a tape measure: the best and most useful hack is to use it as a battery connector and when do you need to use a magnet as a connector.
From time to time, I faced such a problem. I started to eat snacks and didn\'t know what to do halfway.
I either need the elastic band to wrap it up and make it tight again.
The irritating part of using the band is to find a perfect band for the mission, just like finding water in the desert.
Even if it gets the treasure, it will shed tears.
Here I use two magnets to make it an air-tight container.
This is a real time saving.
Bring a magnet next time you\'re out on a trip.
They will help you a lot.
Have you ever thought about getting your diaper to sleep without touching the button, which can be easily done with these magnets.
The magnet is small and light and easy to put on a laptop.
Does it work on all laptops?
Yes, all laptops have a hall sensor that goes into hibernation on its own when the screen folds, trying to find its location for the next invasion.
This one is evergreen and cute.
I think it has been in use for a long time.
Are you tired of notes that don\'t stick at all?
Forget to use these and put notes on your refrigerator with a few magnets.
Or your iron table, or almirah, which may be iron.
Tell me where you\'re going to stick it.
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