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untapped u.s. reserves could safeguard future tech innovation

by:Newland     2019-09-28
China supplies most of the rare earth minerals found in technologies such as hybrid cars, wind turbines, computer hard drives and mobile phones, but the United StatesS.
It has plenty of untapped reserves to protect future technological innovation.
These reserves include deposits of \"light\" and \"heavy\" rare earths --
A mineral family that helps make everything from TV monitors to hybrid motor magnets.
A company called U. S.
Rare earth is the only known rare earth in the United States. S.
According to a recent report from the United States, deposits of heavy rare earths are worth miningS.
Geological Survey (USGS).
Light rare earths include minerals from rare earths to gd on the periodic table of elements, while heavy rare earths include minerals from rare earths to lute.
If disaster can be avoided, these deposits can help the United StatesS.
Avoid a possible shortage of rare earths in the next decade.
China has warned that its own industrial demand could force it to halt rare earth exports in the next five to ten years.
\"There has been a shortage because some companies are no longer able to get enough material,\" said Jim Hedrick, a recently retired former Rare Earth expert at the US Geological Survey.
\"No one is trying to expand the use of rare earths because they know that no more rare earths are available. \"U. S.
About 15 years ago, rare earth actually stumbled upon its first rare earth deposit at Lehmi Pass on the Idaho-Montana border.
The company\'s founders are salivating about the region\'s uranium reserves.
An alternative nuclear fuel
And was not interested in rare earths that were used only for military lighter flints and tracer bombs at the time.
Over the years, their views have changed as rare earths have become virtually irreplaceable in the high-tech sector
Technology products used by millions of people today.
The company has only recently changed its name to an American company. S.
Another rare earth was deposited in Diamond Creek, Idaho.
\"The fact is that Diamond Creek real estate is the most accessible and untapped rare earth resource today with a large number [
Heavy rare earth]
This is in North America, \"said Jack livton, an independent consultant working with the United States. S. Rare Earths.
Recent data from the U. S. Geological Survey estimates that the United StatesS.
Rare earth reserves up to 13 million metric tons.
By contrast, the world produced only 124,000 metric tons in 2009.
But it takes time and money for the United States. S. to become self-
Sufficient rare earth production.
Deposits near the location of Civilizionthe Diamond Creek have the added advantage of mining-
Friendly Idaho with access to nearby highways and power lines
Factors that will make mining easier.
\"We have electricity, lighting, and roads, so we\'re not in the wilderness,\" said Ed Cowell, CEO of American Airlines. S. Rare Earths.
Cowell hopes to attract enough money over the next six months to carry out some exploration drilling on his company\'s deposits.
He also noted that lawmakers were increasingly interested in prompting the federal government to act.
\"A lot of times it takes a certain amount of time to mine, but if the government has a strategic need for materials, then that time can be shortened,\" Cowell told TechNewsDaily . \".
\"We are hopeful about this because of the nature of the ground.
Molycorp Minerals, another company, has begun processing \"light\" rare earths such as la and nd, which are the stocks it has accumulated in Yamaguchi Mountain Mine, California.
But China still needs to ship rare earths to China for final processing because only China currently has the equipment it needs to do the job. \"No one [in the U. S. ]
\"Because of the cost of building a separation plant, I want to be the first person to enter the market,\" explains Hedrick . \".
The former USGS expert said such a factory would require thousands of stainless steel tanks with different chemical solutions to separate all the rare earths.
Upfront costs seem daunting.
Hedrick estimates that the cost of building a new separation plant could be between $0. 5 billion and $1 billion, at least eight years.
Livton also suggested that many of the United StatesS.
Because of the Chinese government, companies have not entered the market.
Prices of rare earths have been artificially depressed. But if U. S.
If China stops exporting rare earths one day, companies will not start mining rare earth reserves in the United States soon, and they may be in trouble.
But Cowell, CEO of the United StatesS.
Rare earth, seems to have begun to build momentum for the United StatesS.
The government encourages the development of rare earth reserves in the country.
\"From what I have seen, supply security will be more important than price,\" said cowl . \".
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