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Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) motor magnets used _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
As if the flight control system is the brain of a unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), power system is known as the heart of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), do you know about the heart of how many? Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) motor is divided into a brush and brushless motor, at present, a lot of uav is given priority to with brushless motor. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) brushless motor is divided into two kinds: one kind is the internal rotor brushless motor, the other is a exterior rotor brushless motor. Inner rotor brushless motor refers to the axis of the motor will turn, the coil in the motor shell, the magnet on the axis. Exterior rotor brushless motor to motor shell will turn, the coil in the axis, the magnet on the shell. About uav engine rotor speed can be change by adjusting the speed of the motor, so as to realize the change of lift, so as to control the flight attitude and position. At present, a lot of the uav rotorcraft generally adopts brushless dc ( 刷) The motor. By the permanent magnet brushless dc motor (BLDCM), multipolar winding of the stator and rotor position sensors, use the semiconductor switch instead of the traditional contact commutator realize electronic commutator. The research progress of uav engine magnet unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) motor magnets recently had certain progress. Aichi steel using its advanced injection molding process and innovation, realize the 30% less weight than the traditional motor design. To improve the capacity and time of flight. Some users also have claimed, according to their many advantages, the radial ring magnets instead of arc magnets. Solenoid magnetic affect normal work especially flight control drones? Generally in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) GPS a horse has a away from electromagnetic interference module, electronic compass, by measuring the magnetic field conditions to determine their own head position. Fear of strong magnetic field, can cause the plane can't automatic navigation and positioning. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) motor with 14 ring magnets instead of segmental arc edge; 1, 2 3, to reduce the temperature, easy to assemble, improve safety performance more than 4, prolong the service life of the content of some simple introduction about unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) motor magnets, need to purchase the magnet manufacturers welcome contact ndfeb strong magnet.
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