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Unlimited magnet magnetization of magnetic pole number? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
As we all know, the magnet can be the magnetization of the multipolar, including ferrite with ndfeb, some netizens would ask, magnet magnetization magnetic pole number of unlimited? Today under the small make up to introduce the magnet production suppliers. Theoretically, multi-polar magnetization is no limit, but in practice, because of the limitation of conditions such as limit, limit wire diameter, current density, cooling conditions, restricted volume, etc. , lead to the result the limitation on the number of magnetization is very big, the biggest limit is in proportion to the number and size, the formation of the width of the magnetic pole restrictions, poles magnetization difficulty is less than 1 mm width is very big, therefore, the number of magnet magnetization of the absolute limit. Above is about the number of magnet magnetization related introduction, hope the above answer is helpful to you, have a need to multi-polar magnet welcome call contact!
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