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Understanding the speaker magnet and discuss its horn ( The headset) Sound effects _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
Understanding the speaker magnet and discuss its horn ( The headset) The influence of a sound quality magnets kinds: 1. Alloy magnet alloy magnets: also called magnetic, aluminum nickel and cobalt from aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron, and magnetic materials 600 ℃ in casting and sintering. Alnico magnetic than iron oxide, cobalt is scarce. Alnico magnetic horn is the first to use magnets, such as the trumpet loudspeaker (50 s and 60 s Everybody called loudspeakers) 。 Generally made from magnetic type horn ( Magnetic type is also available) 。 Disadvantages: power is also small, frequency range is narrow, is hard but brittle, processing is not very convenient, need grinding or edm. 2. Iron oxide magnetic iron oxide magnet ( Commonly known as: iron oxide) : the magnetic material powder and iron powder is around 1200 ℃ sintering. General made magnetic type horn, cheap price, the high performance price ratio. Disadvantages: large size, smaller power, narrow frequency range. 3. Ndfeb magnets, ndfeb magnets, ndfeb material ( Rare earth) And nickel and cobalt and other rare materials through high heat sintering neodymium after plating. Ndfeb magnets, its performance is far superior to the iron oxide magnets. On the horn at present in most of the magnets. At the same volume magnetic intensity than normal iron oxide magnetic intensity more than 10 times. Its characteristic: the equivalent magnetic flux under its small volume, big power, wide frequency range and the HiFi headphones basically with the magnets. Disadvantages: the rare earth is widely used in high-tech fields ( Military, electronics, etc. ) Dosage, but in recent years the government control is very strict, now prices soared. Second, the magnet in the horn ( The headset) The influence of sound quality ( Refers to the magnet compared to volume, homophones cases) : 1) Better magnet material, magnetic flux density B is, the greater the effect on the sound film of thrust is stronger also. Magnetic flux density B ( Magnetic induction intensity) : in the magnetic field perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field, magnetic field force of F with current intensity I and the ratio of the product of the wire length L IL, formula for = F/B ( I*L) 。 2) The magnetic flux density B, the greater the power is, the bigger the SPL (sound pressure level Sensitivity) The higher the relative also. Headphones: sensitivity to headphones enter 1 mw, 1 KHZ sine wave, the headset can emit sound pressure level ( Sound pressure unit is the dB, the greater the pressure the greater the volume) The smaller, so generally the higher the sensitivity, the impedance, headphones, the more likely it is to make a sound. Such as: bud IE7 impedance 16 ohms, sensitivity: 120 db, CX985 impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity: 110 db, ordinary low-end walkman and mobile phones normally only push impedance of 32 ohms the following headphones. 3) The magnetic flux density B, the greater the horn total quality factor Q value is relatively low. Q( 品质因数) Refers to the damping coefficient of the horn, 阻尼因子) A set of parameters. In the TS parameters, Q value into the Qms, Qes and for Qts signs, Qms damping for the mechanical system, reflect the horn in the movement of parts and absorption of energy consumption Qes for power system damping, mainly reflected in the voice coil dc resistance of power consumption; For Qts signs for total damping, associated with the above two is for Qts signs = Qms * Qes/( 质量管理体系+ q) 。 4) The greater the magnetic flux density B, transient, the better. Transient can understand the signal & other; Fast response & throughout; The Qms is quite high. Transient response good headphones should signal would respond immediately, a stop signal to a screeching halt, never leave. Such as: especially drumming and larger scene symphony band of the transition section of the ensemble is the most obvious. Three, summed up the horn on the quality of magnet is one of the important factors affecting quality stand or fall, you might be in the not too concerned about, this is my finishing the purpose of this article, let want to learn the knowledge of friends can have a look. Welcome to point out what I write wrong place.
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