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Understand the shape of powder under strong magnetic iron remover

by:Newland     2020-04-28
Ordinary is strong magnetic magnetic ferrite magnetic class compared with ordinary, what we call the strong magnetic ndfeb magnet according to class (mostly are Electromagnetic exception) , because of ndfeb magnets are constantly on the market before didn't create ferrite magnet occupy the market, after class ndfeb magnet creates because of permanent magnetic field is stronger than class ferrite magnets. So everyone is called strong magnetic or super magnet. Whether in the future there will be more powerful permanent magnetic material found? Science has no end, incredible human exploration will make permanent magnet material again beyond, strong magnetic iron remover, should be called permanent magnet magnetic iron remover, it according to the material properties of ordinary ordinary is divided into two categories, one is fluid strong magnetic iron remover. Is used for disposal of liquid materials in addition to iron equipment, equipment in pipe, fluid pipe inside the iron remover is composed of a strong permanent magnet magnetic bar grille, when fluid material after strong permanent magnet can capture the ferromagnetic material, thus to reduce the content of iron magazine material more pure five impurities. Another kind is strong magnetic iron remover for powder, powder the appearance of strong magnetic iron remover is diversiform, can is a conduit for drawers, can also be hanging, and pneumatic automatic iron remover. Such iron remover yes deferrization principle and remove after grille shape or magnetic field surface materials, powder material of iron metal particle adsorption to the appearance of magnetic area, so as to capture the iron impurities, purification material or to maintain the peace of the downstream equipment. Back: take you understand the magnet is made up of what the next page: how to plan the powerful magnet magnetic circuit
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