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by:Newland     2020-02-19
A magnet is an object with a magnetic field around it, attracting or repelling certain materials.
Magnets are recognized by many because of their attractive properties to metals.
Magnets have huge applications in our daily life and in every industry.
They are used in toys, electrical appliances and hundreds of home appliances, mainly in mining and mineral industries, ceramic powder industries, plastics and glass industries.
The shape, size and strength of the magnet vary.
They can be made or exist in nature.
In a broad sense, there are two main types of magnets: artificial magnet and natural magnet.
They are rich in iron and minerals.
Synthetic magnets are made of metal alloys and some other methods, and have stronger naturally generated magnets.
This artificial magnet has thousands of uses, and its resistance and magnetic properties are different.
Here are three types of manually made magnets: the permanent magnetic suction is very strong and is the most commonly used magnet.
The reason why these magnets are called magnets is because once they are magnetized, they remain magnetic.
The reason for this is that these magnets are made up of substances containing atoms and molecules with magnetic fields that reinforce each other.
However, these magnets may lose their magnetic properties under certain conditions, such as in impact.
The greater the resistance of the magnet to de-magnetism, the stronger it will be.
Permanent magnets have huge uses from the stick-
For many large industries, the magnetic properties of refrigerators are used.
They vary in size and shape, and their composition is different.
Some common permanent magnets: CeramicAlnico magnetsSamarium cobaltNeodymium iron boronflexable magnetsOfthe cobalt magnet, ND magnet, belonging to the above category YOF rare earth magnets.
Ceramic ceramic magnets, also known as ferrites, consist of iron oxide and lithium carbonate or lithium carbonate.
These magnets are very strong and are mainly used in scientific laboratories.
They are the most commonly used magnets for experimental purposes.
Alnicolthe alnicomagnets is a very strong magnet that is used as a replacement for ceramic magnets for various experiments, as they are more stable and easier to demagnetic.
However, they are not common because they are more expensive.
It belongs to a rare earth magnet.
These magnets have very high magnetic field strength and are very resistant to demagnetic and oxidation.
Samarium Cobalt magnets are very expensive for occasions where high magnetic properties and high resistance are required.
They were introduced in early 1970.
This is another rare earth magnet.
They are very similar samarium Cobalt magnets, but not very resistant.
They are very strong magnets.
An inch of this magnet can hold up a few pounds of metal.
Because they are extremely magnetic, they are the most expensive magnets in the world, and they are less used because of their high cost.
FlexibleThe flexiblemagnets produces flat strips and sheets.
These magnets have the lowest magnetic properties.
Temporary magnets are magnets that act as magnets only when placed in a strong magnetic field provided by a strong magnet.
When placed in a strong magnetic field, any metal object, such as a paper clip and a nail, can act as a magnet.
However, once removed from the magnetic field, they lose their magnetism immediately.
Although the temporary magnet has temporary magnetic properties, it has many useful applications.
They are mainly used for telephones and electric motors.
The electromagnets are very strong magnets that are different from the above magnets.
The principle of these magnets is that the wires containing the current generate a magnetic field.
It consists of a heavy metal core composed of wire coils.
When the current passes through the wire, it generates a magnetic field that turns the metal core to be magnetized.
The polarity of the magnet can be changed by controlling the flow of the current and changing its direction.
They are usually used for television, radio, video tapes, computers, speakers, etc.
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