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Type magnetic speaker magnet use use _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
Type magnetic speaker magnet use use external magnetic type horn in the speakers use damage is more, for difficult repair, maintenance value is not high, and is usually discarded. In fact, the horn of the magnet can be recycling, namely direct will trumpet pour on the table, for he. 1. Mouth buckle down on the table as the magnetization of the glass. Magnetized water has certain health care function, but you need to use the internal magnetization cup with a magnet. The author from the point of contact with all kinds of magnetized water, most fair but internal rough appearance, some just outside of the glass tank placed a small piece of inferior magnet, the magnetization effect. In fact, we can use ordinary glass or cup on the speaker magnet up to achieve the effect of magnetized water in the cup. Due to external magnetic type magnetic flux leakage is larger, strong magnetic trumpet magnetic steel, so it can be used as a magnetized water quality magnetic source. When to use, just put the cup on the magnet. If the magnet steel near the tap water pipe on the absorption, also can be magnetized water. 2. Screw, small objects collector. In electrical maintenance, often removed many screws, washers and all sorts of small parts, not easily lost. Most of them is iron material, need to suck on the speaker magnet, foolproof. Office of pin, paper clip etc. Can also suck on standby. 3. As IC hall element, dry reed pipe detection source of magnetization. 4. As a temporary magnetic source without magnetic screwdriver. Some of the screwdriver head nonmagnetic, to inconvenience bushings, at this time, as long as a screwdriver head on the edge of the speaker magnet magnetic strongest part and a few times, can immediately get magnetic. The magnetization is also effective for losing the magnetic screwdriver, convenient and practical. 5. The powerful fixed when the iron repair or welding. Some iron or iron with circuit boards and other bad fixed in maintenance, inconvenience for maintenance. If they are on the speaker magnet absorption, will bring great convenience. 6. Cooperate with small iron plate as all-purpose adhesive bond when the widget compression tool. All-purpose adhesive bonding parts at constant pressure and time to achieve good bonding effect, if cooperate speaker magnet with a small iron as pressure tool, can do a better job. 7. Placed as soldering iron frame. In maintenance work, usually need to place special soldering iron holder, the new electric usually don't deserve shelf. In fact, can completely in the handle part of the soldering iron place stick a piece of iron sheet, round - Circle or heating wire twist into a iron tapping screw, then suck on trumpet magnetic steel, the soldering iron can be hung up in every direction, is both practical and creative. 8. As a desk lamp bracket. Some small desk lamp base is small, easy when using overturned. If the floor is iron, you can directly to the suction on the trumpet magnetic steel, both to increase height, and stable and reliable. If it is plastic, can use a large stationery folder after the clamp, take on the trumpet magnetic steel.
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