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Two reasons about the worse performance of bonded magnet is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Bonded magnets than sintering neodymium magnet magnetic difference as we all know, but the reason? If you can speak just a little, share with you about the worse performance of bonded magnets today for two reasons. First of all, bonded magnet is isotropic, namely regardless of magnet magnetization direction magnetic field intensity are the same ( And related to the shape) 。 But sintered magnets is anisotropic magnets, in the process of production of sintered magnets, a process known as magnetic field orientation, so only the direction of the magnetization orientation can be magnetized and has a high magnetic field intensity, other direction cannot be magnetized and no magnetic force. In theory, the isotropic magnet remanence only half as much as that of the anisotropic magnets because energy is proportional to the square of the product and the remanence, so the anisotropy of the anisotropic magnet magnetic is four times the size of the isotropic magnet. Second, bacuse bonded magnets containing adhesive, the actual density is only 80% of the theoretical density, so the bonded magnet magnetic attenuation can be around 30%. Above is about two reasons about the worse performance of bonded magnets, Ricky xiaofu by strong magnet manufacturers card original editing. Associated with this article magnet products columns; Strong sintering of rare earth magnet bonded ndfeb magnets is necessary to know the following articles; Bonded ndfeb and sintered ndfeb magnet specific distinction introduction of sintered ndfeb magnet density VS density of bonded ndfeb magnet
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