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trump moves to protect america from electromagnetic pulse attack

by:Newland     2019-11-17
This is not what many Americans think:Magnetic pulse (EMP)
Attack on the state grid.
However, two competitors (
Russia and China)
Emerging Threat countries such as North Korea and Iran are refining the strategic weapon.
The White House is taking this potential threat seriously.
On March 26, President Trump issued an \"executive order on coordinating the nation\'s resilience to electrical impulses\" to assess the risk of such attacks on key areas of the United StatesS. infrastructure.
Preliminary studies suggest that a catastrophic EMP event could paralyze the US economy. S.
Economic and military.
EMPs are energy pulses that can be emitted from nuclear weapon explosions, portable devices such as high power microwave weapons (HPMWs)
Even some natural phenomena.
When these powerful pulses interact with the Earth\'s magnetic field, they can damage electronic and electrical equipment such as computers, mobile phones, Transformers and transmission lines, as well as critical communication infrastructure.
To make matters worse, the design of the US grid means that damage to certain key substations can lead to a chain failure across the country.
Although the threat of electronic pulses has been present since the first nuclear bomb (
All nuclear launches generate an EMP field)
Our high reliance on and connection with technology is unprecedented.
Since 2001, the committee that assessed the threat from emc Pulse attacks has warned that,S.
Infrastructure is at risk from the EMP incident, said highaltitude EMP (HEMP)
The attack will be \"a survival threat to the survival of the United States and its allies.
\"Cannabis may involve the detonation of a nuclear weapon a few miles above the United States, where kinetic energy damage is relatively harmless, but the EMP effect will be the most effective. While the U. S.
Got its post.
The Cold War \"peace dividend\" has done little to address the EMP threat.
The monopolar moment in the United States is over and the fragile window is opened again.
Who is threatening us? The U. S.
Could be the target of an opponent with nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities.
An outstanding country
State actors who have a way to target American electronic infrastructure with marijuana include Russia, China and North Korea, and eventually Pakistan and Iran.
The severity of the cannabis attack depends on the height of the explosion (see below).
However, terrorist groups and rogue states, including Iran, can use portable EMP devices that can still threaten the United States, although the impact will be more localized.
What measures are being taken to prevent this?
S. Government Accountability Bureau in a key infrastructure protection report released on February 2018 (GOA)
Discovery of EMP prevention strategies in the utilities sector has been focused geographically
Magnetic Disturbance (GMD)
The danger caused by the solar storm (also known as the injection of the Corona material), but the lack of information about the threat of cannabis.
Current efforts to protect the grid from EMP events range from infrastructure reinforcement to technical and operational procedures updates. Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK)
It has begun testing its ability to recover from unexpected supply disruptions caused by an electro-magnetic disturbance. U. S.
Both government and industry leaders have restricted policies and procedures to mitigate and prepare for the EMP incident.
Addressing EMP and GMD risks involves numerous public and private actors, making it difficult to implement a consistent policy plan.
In its 2017 report, the EMP committee found that there was a lack of leadership and organization within the federal government in past efforts to address threats.
In addition, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
Lack of the necessary legal authority to enforce regulations in the power industry.
North American Power Reliability Corporation (NERC)
The location of well-known industry members such as Southern Company (NYSE:SO)
And energy company Nexteer. (NYSE:NEE)
Create industry standards that are later approved or rejected by the regulatory commission.
Information sharing between the federal government and power companies is essential to ensure the safety of the grid. The Dept.
The defense and expert community has a wealth of knowledge and data on EMP risk and prevention strategies that are used to protect military infrastructure.
However, sharing these studies and data is essential for the industry to adopt appropriate preventive standards for civil power grids.
Time is critical and money is critical.
Compared to the damage at the time of the EMP attack, the protection grid can be completed at a reasonable cost.
It is estimated that a large-scale EMP event could result in losses of more than $2 trillion.
At the heart of the impact of the EMP event is the EMP event, whether it is a hostile state or a natural solar disturbance, which is a national security threat.
A devastating attack will destroy American industry and life. S.
Make it impossible for the state to operate on a daily basis.
The blackout will paralyze the United States. S.
Economic disruption in medical facilities, emergency personnel, financial institutions, water and food distribution, communication networks and transport sectors. A well-
As 99% of the power needs of the Ministry of Defense rely on civilian infrastructure, the placement of EMP will stop aircraft, trains and cars and make our domestic military capabilities impossible to operate.
The situation in Venezuela is an example of the catastrophic consequences that occur in societies that suddenly deprive them of their electricity supply.
Venezuela has fallen into a leadership crisis, with power outages starting in January as energy infrastructure failed.
At least 21 people died due to lack of tap water, food and communication capacity.
Venezuela is a terrible glimpse of a modern country that has been short of electricity for a long time. The U. S.
Fortunately, it has not yet experienced a massive EMP attack due to concerns from its opponents about our huge deterrent capability.
The executive order issued by the White House may be the next step needed to give important guidance and leadership on this important issue before it is too late.
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