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Trend of China's exports in February 2019: amount of sales increase

by:Newland     2020-03-22
According to customs statistics analysis shows that China's rare earth export sales rose in February 2019, and the range is very large. In February 2019, the export of rare earth in China 2886. January 1 ton, a reduction of 867 tons, 23, fell. 1%; Fell 35. 2%. Export amount, 36 in February 2019, China's exports of rare earth amount. 8 million dollars, more than 1 month 0. 2 million dollars, yoy increase 0. 55%; Dropped by 4. 9%. Export price, its exports of rare earths in February 2019, an average of 12750. Eight dollars/tons, increase from January 2998. 3 dollars/tons, rose 30. 7%; Year-on-year growth of 46. 7%. From the perspective of the data of nearly five years, China's rare earth exports change in a downward trend, drive and export average changes in liters. That is about the trend of China's exports in February 2019: amount of sales to rise, the article belongs to the magnet industry news. Rare earth related import and export; In 2018 China's rare earth export status: increase amount of price rise
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