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transcranial magnetic stimulation: magnets for depression

by:Newland     2019-09-15
About 2 million adults in the United States suffer from bipolar disorder, a depression characterized by extremely high and low emotional cycles.
Cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a magnetic treatment for depression.
Low-mood depression cycles with Bipolar disorder can be treated with magnet therapy.
TMS is a good way to treat patients with depression and the effect of bipolar disorder.
Noma Neil in Charleston, South Carolina, for example, tried to kill herself after countless drugs and treatments failed, which made her feel hopeless.
Then she heard about the doctor.
Mark George of the Medical University of South Carolina and he used magnetic energy to treat depression in a treatment called cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).
According to Norma, this is the first time in her life that life is worth it.
Here is the answer to the question.
Q: What is cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
How does it help with depression?
A: TMS activates certain parts of the brain by using electrical energy through the coil to generate A powerful magnetic field.
In this process, by means of a coil device applied to the head, the energy from this magnetic field is transferred to the patient\'s brain.
Unlike direct electrical energy, the energy of the magnetic field passes through the skin and the skull and, without surgery or composure, activates the brain painlessly.
We applied TMS to the front of the brain, a region related to emotional regulation.
Unlike many-
Inhibition drugs, TMS can effectively affect brain function and chemical activity
The activation of the \"mood-regulating structure in the brain leads to a significant improvement in depressed patients.
Q: How long does the operation take? Does it hurt? A: TMS is a non-
Invasive surgery is performed on sober adults and there is usually no discomfort.
The most successful TMS treatment for depression occurs in patients who receive TMS treatment for about 20 minutes a day for several weeks.
Usually, there is no obvious emotional change in the first week, but from the second week, a positive response to treatment can be seen
Patient surgery
Q: Will it destroy other functions of the brain or will it change my personality?
A: One of the benefits of TMS is its accuracy.
It allows practitioners to target very specific parts of the brain without involving other areas.
In fact, by getting rid of depression, the patient\'s thinking ability and function are actually improved.
TMS patients reported that they felt \"themselves\" again \".
Q: Is cranial magnetic stimulation a permanent treatment for depression?
A: The Impact of TMS on depression is currently being studied.
As with other treatments for depression, such as medication and electricity
Once TMS is stopped and convulsions are treated, the patient may or may not recur.
TMS has been shown to be effective for a short period of time
Long-term results, but it is not clear how long the effect of TMS will last after initial treatment and improvement.
As a maintenance procedure, research is in progress using TMS once a week.
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