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toyota to set up rare earth extraction unit in state | bhubaneswar news - times of india

by:Newland     2019-10-21
Bhutan War: probably the first timeof-its-
Toyota Group has launched a similar project in China to start the establishment of a rare earth extraction plant project in Gangham district.
The proposed project is intended to use rare earth elements to make the rare earth magnets needed for hybrid vehicles, which will be passed through Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC)
India rare earth Co. , Ltd (IREL), sources said.
The senior representative of TREO is expected to meet with Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik soon, according to official sources.
T Aoki, director of TREO, told TOI by phone in Mumbai, \"I will visit bubaneswar soon but refuse to share the details of the project.
However, Toyota Motor Corp. TTC and Irell under the age of 60 saidyear-
The old company under the central government\'s atomic energy department has set up a private company called Toyotsu rare earth Orissa (TREO)
In order to build the proposed plant, this will require an investment of at least a few hundred rupees.
The project is intended to extract rare earth elements such as la, ce, sm, nd and ase, which are essential for the production of rare earth magnets (
Strong permanent magnet made of alloy or rare earth)
Available for hybrid cars, computer hard drives, audio speakers, and many other modern devices.
Electronic products.
Irell, which is responsible for the mining and separation of minerals such as rutile, zirconium, titanium ore, silicionite, ochre and monjushi from beach sand, will provide raw materials and about 10 acres of land in its unit Orissa complex (OSCOM)
According to official sources, a new project was launched in Chhattrapur, Ganjam district.
The source added that the leading automotive group will meet the financial and technical requirements for the construction of the plant.
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