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Touch Bar Release Devices for Magnetic Locks

by:Newland     2020-02-14
The induction lock, also known as the magnetic lock, magnetic lock or magnetic lock, needs to release the device or switch and cut off the power supply of the maglock, thus unlocking the maglock, allowing free exit from the locked space to the outside.Maglocks is not one of the most popular locks for inspectors, so before installing any type of induction lock system, it is better to pass your plan through the local authority with jurisdiction (AHJ) like your local fire chief or building inspector.Since the release device will be the one that allows people to leave space in the event of a fire, you can expect that the release device will be of particular concern to AHJ.
.The mechanical touch bar works by movement.They activate the internal micro switch or micro switch when pressed.The electronic touch bar uses a capacitor, pressure, or a bunch of infrared rays to sense the touch of the person who wants to exit.
All bars discussed in this article comply with the export requirements of the NFPA code, and an action does not need to know in advance how to export.All devices need some way to transmit power from the door frame to the device.The standard \"push-to-exit\" sign and a single-knife double throw (SPDT) internal switch with a rated current of 3 amps and a DC voltage of 30 volts.
Unlike its peers based on locking outlet equipment, 672 requires only 1/4 movement to activate.Optional double-knife double-throw (DPDT) switch and \"push-to-exit\" sign for lighting.There are standard anodized aluminum and deep bronze, as well as various special order finishes.
36-inch, 42-inch, 48-Inches and custom factory length are available.Power cord sold separately.The active virtual touch rod device with SPDT switch is a simple mechanical touch rod device based on the locking outlet device.The 8099 M features the same back panel and touch bar mechanism as any Adams Rite 8000 Series equipment.
There are three standard anodized finishes for 8099 M: aluminum, deep copper or black, and a variety of American finishes.The 8099mm touch bar uses a two-knife double-throw switch.No amps available.30, 36, 42 and 48-Inch model available.The device can be cut to 6 inch.Power transmission hardware sold separately.
The mechanical switch Rod has a SPDT switch with a rated current of 5 amps at 30 v dc.The second switch optional for DPDT operation.Only 1/8 movement is required for activation.
Aluminium, deep bronze and black anodized treatment as well as satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel and bright brass.36-inch, 42-inch and 48-Inch model available.Optional Herculite door mounting kit.Power transfer door loops are provided separately.
Von Duprin RX-RX-Probably should be used with relays.Above, these devices are built on the first-class backboards and profiles known for the 98/99 and 33/35 series of devices.A typical touch Rod release device based on a locking device, which moves more than 1 inch during activation.
This device is usually used in buildings where von Duplin\'s mechanical installations are widely used.The second switch available for the DPDT effect.In 36-inch and 48-Inch version, and all finishes for making Von Duprin outlet equipment.
Power transmission hardware sold separately.Most standard outlet equipment can be used as a touchpad release device.Additional features are available to most export equipment manufacturerson request-to-Various after-sales services are also providedMarket switches that can be installed on-site to existing exit devices.
Many manufacturers of standard export equipment also offer mechanical contact Rod release devices.There are no moving parts for the electronic touchpad release device.Because they are electronic, they can provide features such as A illuminated \"push-to-exit\" sign or a door-support alarm.
Schlage Electronics 692 SmartBar.
The standard function of 692 is the double-knife double-throw relay.Dual infrared detectors sense the presence of objects in contact with rods.When the infrared beam is interrupted for a long time, the standard audible alarm sound.
Feel the pressure of release.
DPDT contacts are standard rated 3 amps at 30 v dc.Aluminium, deep bronze, and black anodized finishes are available as well as satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel, and polished brass.Available length: 36-inch, 42-inch, and 48-inch.
Optional Herculite door mounting kit.
18-Inch door and 10-foot, 8-Includes conductor power supply/contact transmission cable.Securitron TSB-Perhaps the most widely used touch bar in the market.In 36-inch, 42-inch, and 48-inch lengths.Available in clear black finish for aluminum and anodized.
DPDT contacts are rated at 2 amps at 24 v dc.The overall redundancy button on the side of the bar facing the door.16-Including ft cable and armored door lock.
Some local AHJ may need a redundant button to use with the electronic touch lever, as the power supply is required for the electronic touch lever to operate.Therefore, if the electronic touch Rod fails or loses power while keeping the magnet power supply, the person who tries to leave the building may be locked.Often the redundant button is expensive because the code requires it to have a pneumatic time delay-A fully mechanical timer that draws in air through a diaphragm and adjustable valve.
The overall redundancy button of Securitron sometimes does not comply with the approval of the Inspector because its location is not obvious --Not very consistent with the NFPA code, which requires no prior knowledge required to operate the exported equipment.Securitron does offer EEB2 and eeb3 n electronic buttons for a fraction of the price of the pneumatic buttons and provides them with wiring instructions, which say allows the electronic buttons to meet the Life Safety Code
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